ACTIVITY DAY WITH HORSES To Boost Confidence, Set Goals & Have Fun

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ACTIVITY DAY WITH HORSES To Boost Confidence, Set Goals & Have Fun

March 18 @ 10:30 am - 4:30 pm


Why not join us for an activity day with horses to boost confidence, set goals and have fun?

No previous experience with horses is necessary.

This equine facilitated learning workshop is co-facilitated by Suzannah Leighton and Dean Dibble. Suzannah has over 25 years experience as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy and coaching, she has also done several training courses on Equine Facilitated Learning. Dean has a wealth of experience training horses, teaching people to drive and coaching. Helen Williams often joins us on the day to help with horse handling, Helen is a very experienced handler and has recently qualified as a hypnotherapist.

Together Suzannah, Dean and Helen provide a very safe environment for both horses and humans alike.

This is one of our favourite workshops at Horse Haven Uk as Dean, Suzannah and Helen thoroughly enjoy helping people overcome their fears and increase their confidence levels. It is very satisfying at the end of the day to say goodbye to a happy group of people who have been inspired in some way by each other and our lovely gentle horses. Often lasting friendships are made within the group.

Everything on the day is confidential and no one is ever asked to do anything that is uncomfortable for them, although we do aim to push through boundaries that hold us back. Should the day raise difficult emotions for anyone Suzannah is always on hand to help with a private confidential chat and further future counselling if required.

The day provides lots of laughter, often some tears and a caring, sharing environment to set some boundaries and explore those areas that hold us back from enjoying a fulfilling life.

We hope to share a lovely day with you.

     Suzannah                                      Dean                                    Helen







This is a 1 day group workshop running from 10.30am until 4.30pm.

The object of the day is to overcome fears, increase our confidence levels and recognise repeating patterns of behaviour which prevent us moving forward.

Lunch is included and Refreshments provided throughout the day

Why Horses?

Horses are prey animals and their intuitive senses are highly tuned enabling them to assess and react to situations quickly and efficiently.

They are incredibly sensitive to the feelings, emotions and intent of those around them and will often act as a mirror enabling us to see ourselves more clearly thus helping us to promote change from within.

What will I learn from the Horses

The ability to recognise and control anxiety levels.

Setting up your own personal space and putting practical, safe boundaries in place.

Body language and reading others.

Becoming conscious of your breathing and how it affects your energy and emotions.

How to raise and lower your personal energy levels to communicate more fluently.

Learning to trust in your own abilities to overcome obstacles.


£125 for the day including lunch.

Numbers will be limited in order that everyone gets individual attention.

Please bring suitable outdoor clothing i.e. layers in case it becomes cold, waterproof just in case and sturdy footwear. Wellington boots might be needed.

To book your place on this workshop go to store, click workshop and you can book via paypal or card.

Telephone Suzannah on 01458 860186/07545 139009 for further details.


















What others have said:

“Today I had the most amazing day on the EFL course. It has really helped me work through some confidence issues and I will forever be thankful to the team that worked with us today. Not only am I now more confident in the presence of horses but I feel I have more confidence to pursue the career I want and put myself forward for opportunities that in the past I would shy away from. I would highly suggest this workshop for anyone that is lacking confidence be it with horses or anything else”. Nome Hunter

On a recent visit to Meare in Somerset I had the pleasure to experience equine therapy at Horse Haven.  This was the first time I had been in such close contact with horses and must admit I was slightly nervous but this was soon forgotten as I was expertly introduced to the horses by Suzannah, the therapist.  I then found myself leading the horse I selected called Twister into the arena.  Under the guidance of Suzannah what followed was one of the most wonderful emotional and unforgettable experiences that I have had.  I would recommend that if you can you should try this amazing therapy for yourself.  It will be something that you will never forget,  I know I never will”.   Kath Colman

“Recently I have had the opportunity of working with one of the horses, Otto.  I found this to be an amazing experience and quite unexpected.  I chose Otto as I felt mostly that I wanted to spend time with him.  Walking around with Otto holding the reins which were in actual fact not needed, I journeyed through a myriad of emotions and moments of recognition of thoughts and thought patterns – it was amazing because Otto mirrored my feelings and I felt he understood my insecurity, my nervousness, my desire to understand more of me through this connection and a desire to know Otto as he is such a lovely horse to work with.  Otto understood, expressed what I could not express and communicated so much positive energy that it is hard to put into words everything that that space with Otto gave me.  It brought me opportunities to look at my discomforts, my strengths, what I can achieve, what I can change, healing and shifting and moving things forward for me emotionally, mentally and physically there is a reaction.  Things keep changing as I reflect upon them – like conversations I have with people, I track my comfort, discomfort zones and I track my emotions quicker, quickly adjusting to make myself more comfortable and knowing I have the power to change.  I feel I have more options and opportunities and most of all for a while I had a deep connection to a lovely horse, called Otto.  I am so glad to have had this opportunity and I would do it again – wonderful experience”.   Sara, 21st Sept 2015, Glastonbury, Somerset.

“I have worked around horses most of my life so was very sceptical.  I am inspired to learn more about this work as I could not believe the effect this had upon my confidence, emotions and general wellbeing.  Truly amazing”.   D  from Devon

“Thank you so much.  Cannot believe how my thinking and confidence has changed.  I have always been nervous around horses but not any more.  At first it was challenging having to overcome fears but with gentle guidance it soon became one of the most enjoyable and life changing experiences”.  Karen

“Yesterday I had one of the best days in my life! At in Glastonbury. I wanted to overcome a life long fear of horses so went on this one day confidence and goal setting work shop. I can’t possibly write everything down but it was ‘magical’. Suzannah Horsehaven and Dean Dibble are magical people! Thank you both so much for sharing your magical world with me. I’m still on cloud 9 and can’t believe how quickly you and the gorgeous horses dispelled my fears!😂 I still feel so much love inside my heart. Already needing another horsey fix 😂. Thank you Helen Williams for your gentleness. Suzannah’s vegetarian lunch was divine. Cat and Lynn my team mates were a joy. The Whole day was just magical, magical, magical. Of course I send a huge thank you to the herd for allowing me into their wonderful world and giving me so much love, joy, tears and laughter. I highly recommend Horse Haven to anyone that wants to overcome fear of horses. Can’t wait to drop by in the new year for another course. Sorry for the long waffle but I’m still like an over excited kid today xxxxx”


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