3 Day EFL Activities

3 day EFL activities

Building confidence & communication skills with help from horses.

It is not necessary to have experience with horses.

Equine Facilitated Learning has become very popular and  it can help to control anxiety, increase confidence levels,  overcome fears and set appropriate boundaries. All of which are great life skills.







Do you feel you would like more confidence, leadership skills and the ability to communicate more clearly?

Do you have the desire to unleash your full potential?

If so we can help.

Day 1 aims to raise  self awareness, determine boundaries and set up new, more appropriate boundaries if necessary. Increase confidence levels, learn to adjust our energy in accordance with various situations and to recognise repeating patterns of behaviour which prevent us moving forward. It also helps us to become more mindful toward ourselves and others. The exercises we will explore will enable us to think in different ways (outside the box). Observing the herd can be interesting and offer an opportunity to witness non verbal communication in the form of body language.

Day 2 in the morning we will explore manifestation techniques to bring us closer to our life goals. After lunch we will take some of the things we have learned out to the horses and play with new ideas and open minds. The horses might amaze you with their abilities to enable you to become more creative and playful.

Day 3 will be a complete surprise.  Having got used to working with each other and the horses we can explore further and enjoy some great team work and challenges.

Vegetarian lunch is included each day and refreshments provided throughout the day.

We are situated in a lovely peaceful location on the Somerset Levels surrounded by Nature Reserves so is an ideal getaway for couples.

These workshops run occasionally and are sometimes listed on our workshop page but if you have a group that you think might benefit we are happy to accommodate.

The workshop facilitators are:- Suzannah Leighton, Dean Dibble and Helen Williams.

Suzannah is a Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP.

Dean is an Equine Behaviourist, Horse Handler and Trainer.

Helen is an experienced Horse Handler and Care Worker.

All 3 are trained in Equine Facilitated Learning and your safety is paramount to us so rest assured you will be in safe hands.