About Us


Where to start about us? Well we are a family of five living in a peaceful location on the Somerset Levels near the town of Glastonbury which attracts visitors from all over the world.

We moved here from Wales 15 years ago.

We started off with two horses which quickly turned into six. Sadly we lost one of our gypsy cobs two years ago so now we have five horses and one cheeky little mule who had a bad start to life.

The idea for Horse Haven Uk began around 2012 when we started building our track system.

The land here is peat so soft and boggy, not at all suitable for a herd of horses. All our horses are barefoot so track system definitely seemed the way to go for us.

After reading “Paddock Paradise” by Jaime Jackson and lots of research we began to construct the first part of the track. The work was done in four stages, it incorporates a watering hole and is now quite an extensive system.   We began the work in 2012 and completed around the middle of 2015. Aerial photos of the track and work in progress can be seen on our news blog.

We love having visitors at Horse Haven Uk and offer a varied, interesting range of workshops throughout the year. We have made lots of new friends through our ventures and its lovely when people of like minds get together for learning and fun.

It’s been an interesting journey and continues to be so. We are very blessed and lucky to share our lives with happy, healthy horses. Studying the herd mentality is an education.

Horses, well they really are the best Teachers.

More about each of us on Meet the Team and Meet the Horses.

We hope you enjoy our website and that maybe you will join us at one or more of the workshops.

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