We have an amazing offer for you if you would like a career with horses,

Just imagine spending time with your horses, doing things you love and helping others along the way!

Yes, we love what we do here at Horse Haven Uk.

Literally being with our horses, spending quality time and helping people achieve their goals.  What could be better?

Come to Horse Haven Uk and learn with us how to create a business doing the things you love.

Our 5 day accredited diploma course can offer you the freedom to do the work you love best.

The diploma course covers setting up your business, health and safety, insurance, risk assessments and so much more.  Most of the week is practical hands on experience working with the Horse Haven Uk herd.

You will after the 5 days training feel confident to go out there and start your own business helping others to achieve their goals.

Watch the video and be sure to secure a place on one of our training courses.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Ring Suzannah on 07545 139009 to learn more.


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