Well it would appear that we are not only a haven for horses but a Bee Haven too.


We have had a large colony of honey bees living in the back wall of one of our mobile homes for several years. They have never been a problem and never come into the caravan so because of the very worrying plight of the bees these days we have left them well alone to go about their business.


There are no sprays or chemicals used on this land so they have a nice, stress free environment in which to live. They can often be seen buzzing around the acacia tree which is quite an uplifting sight given the worry that surrounds our bees at the moment.

Just recently some friends have moved into the mobile home and decided to do some work on it. This appeared to disturb the bees and they began to come in through various places , like the chimney flue.

What a drama. We blocked off all possible entrances and thankfully it seems to have settled down again but not only are they in the back wall cavity they now seem to be occupying the roof space too.

Had some very nice bee keepers out today and their advice was to leave them well alone as they are no longer bothering the residents of the mobile home.

The plan is to have some lovely hives built by my Son, whose page can be found on facebook “Trew Hives”. Then hopefully we can lure the bees to more appropriate accommodation.

Don’t Worry Bee Happy 🙂        honey-bee-469560__180

Wish us Luck

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