If you are experiencing behaviour issues with your horses perhaps we can offer assistance.

Suzannah and Dean are happy to visit and carry out an assessment for you.

Dean is an Equine Behaviourist and Trainer.

Suzannah has the ability to tune into the horse and communicate with them.

We both work intuitively and together we aim to offer a unique service.

Suzannah will tune in to the horse to see if she can pick up on past issues that might be affecting the horse in the present.

Any information received will be passed on to Dean, who will then work with the horse to gain a better understanding of the present issues.

Once these 2 steps have been completed Dean will be able to create a future plan for both you and your horse in order to correct the present behaviour issue, have an understanding of it and prevent this behaviour repeating itself.

We call this Past, Present and Future and have found this method to be extremely effective.

If this sounds interesting to you please contact Suzannah at to arrange an assessment.

DEAN                                                                                            SUZANNAH

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