Big Teds training journey. Teddy came to us on the 10th September for training to harness and cart.  His owner visited regularly and participated in the training process. This is something we strongly recommend and owners are welcome to visit whenever they wish.

Teddy has a lovely nature and to our knowledge had never pulled a cart.  He is rather large as you will see from the pics, standing at 16.2hh and was a riding horse. He is now ride and drive.

When we first started his training he was quite anxious about things behind him.  He would shorten his back and be coiled like a spring but with lots of gentle re-assurance and support he quickly got used to it.

We worked in very short bursts initially and great bonds were made.

Dean Dibble has been the trainer and with gentle handling, trust between horse and trainer was swift and great progress was made.

Dean is an equine behaviourist, trainer and is currently half way through his Tellington Ttouch Practitioner Training.  He has used the Ttouch methods and wraps to help Ted with any anxieties he initially had.  Ttouch wraps are not tight and enable horses to relax and get greater body awareness.  The first  short video show Ted in Ttouch wraps.   This helped him amazingly.

Unfortunately I do not have photos of the early anxious days but here follows a selection of pics and videos of his progress through the weeks.

Ted left us on 10th October to return home and we miss him. He is a lovely soul with a big personality.





Ted relaxed in his Ttouch wraps

Ted around the track first time pulling our training cart

ted trotting in the arena

Teddy on the road first time.

That was Teds first time on the road and as you can see the cows in the field gave him a bit of a scare but he very quickly corrected himself.

Ted trotting up the hill to the village

As you can see from this video Ted is doing really well now at the end of week 3.

Training began with long lining in just a head collar,  harness was gradually introduced.  He was de-sensitised to many things and initially gentle introduction to pulling our training cart.  He soon progressed to pulling the proper cart with passengers.  He has been a delight to train and we have thoroughly enjoyed him.

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