BREEZE joined our herd early in July this year

Breeze joined our herd early in July this year. He is a cremello gypsy cob with a mane to die for. Breeze was already driving when he came here but was not quite as fit as our other horses. Breeze has a lovely gentle nature and can be seen here, shortly after he arrived being long lined around our track system getting used to the idea of driving around the track for our taster driving days. Breeze enjoys the work and makes visitors work a little harder to keep him going. Happily goes on road trips with the 4 wheel carriage. His fitness is gradually building with regular drives out so should be tip top for next years workshops.

All 3 of our driving horses give a very different driving experience and we feel that is valuable for clients who come on our taster days or driving activity holidays to experience the difference. Our taster driving days are very popular, action packed and weather permitting a drive through the pond which is always fun for visitors. Taster day groups are limited to a maximum of 6 people.

For those that wish to go further we offer 3 day driving experiences with or without accommodation and 5 day driving activity holidays, again with or without accommodation. We only take a maximum of 2 people on these activities.

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