Day 2 Equine Facilitated Learning Diploma

Day 2 equine facilitated learning and things are beginning to fall into place.  Day 1 lots of paperwork, health and safety and all the things needed to start up a business in EFL. 

Today the group experienced equine facilitated learning from a clients point of view. As a result, everything started to become clear. 

Lovely energy within the group, lots of support for each other.  They worked individually, in pairs and as a group. 

The group discovered the importance of body language, use of energy and non verbal communication.  Important learning in order to develop great teamwork along with the horse. 

Today the group learned the specific roles of facilitator and horse handler and why it is important that these roles are clearly defined.  They left this evening all fired up to do their homework, having paired up  and chosen the clientele they wish to work with. 

Each one will create a course specifically for the topic they have chosen, in the morning they will combine their efforts.

Tomorrow the practical work begins. Lots of fun, lots of role play and lots of learning. 

Really looking forward to tomorrow and watching their confidence grow.

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