Learning to Drive at Horse Haven Uk & Training Horses to Cart

Learning to Drive at Horse Haven Uk & Training Horses to Cart . We offer you the opportunity on our “Taster Days for Driving a Horse and Cart” the chance to experience this lovely pastime safely without going on the road.

On the “taster days” you will learn about the harness , get to drive a 2 wheel cart and possibly have the experience of being driven through the pond (weather permitting). You will also have the opportunity to drive 3 different horses as each horse gives a different experience.


Here at Horse Haven Uk we have an extensive track system where we set up road signs, roundabouts, T junctions etc. in order to emulate the sort of things that will be encountered on the road.












We think we are quite unique in what we offer and the workshops are very popular. Everyone that attends thoroughly enjoys the day. See a few comments below:

“Learned to be relaxed around horses.  Safety and responsibility.”

“There was good use made of the track for obstacles and everything was well described.”

“A really enjoyable experience and I have learned a lot.”

“Must practise and stay calm.”

“Feeling enthusiastic”

“A really enjoyable, informative day”.

“What a fab day spent with fab people! Today’s workshop was about learning to drive a horse & cart. A big thank you to Dean for sharing his expertise – it’s quite a skill. A big thank you to Suzannah too for her knowledge & not forgetting, a lovely lunch. See you all again soon!” Liz Ekrem

“fantastic and well worth the money. a great atmosphere and inspiring people.
Lovely to meet great people who have had to think outside the box to make an amazing place. You will come away thinking anything is possible.” Rachel Bell


We only take small groups on our “taster days” in order that everyone gets plenty of opportunity to take the reins and we generally run them on a monthly basis.

For those that wish to take the driving experience further we offer more advanced days which include driving a 4 wheel carriage and going out on the road for quite long drives. These take place over 3 days with no more than 2 people.

Over the 3 days you will become competent at harnessing, knowing the various parts of the harness and understanding their purpose.   You will learn to safely put the horse to cart and hitch up ready to go. Then off we go on a road trip.


Private lessons can be arranged by prior agreement. To discuss a private arrangement email Suzannah at suzannah@horsehavenuk.com.


Dean Dibble is the main facilitator for driving and has been driving and training horses for many years. Dean has a unique way of teaching, he is very patient and calm instilling confidence in even the most nervous student so you will be in very safe hands.




Here at Horse Haven Uk we train horses to drive. Perhaps you would like to have your horse trained to pull a cart, if so contact suzannah@horsehavenuk.com for more details.

Often we hear that people have a beloved pony that the children have outgrown. What could be better than giving the pony a new job and purpose by having him trained to drive.

Dean Dibble is the main trainer here and we definitely do not call it breaking. He has a very firm but gentle way of training and gets results quite quickly. The training process is always fun for the horse and we always aim to end on a good note.

Training takes place several times a day in short sessions so that the horse doesn’t get bored and is happy to focus on the exercises. It’s all about enjoying the training and a good relationship between the horse and trainer. Any horse that comes to Horse Haven Uk for training is treated in exactly the same way as our own herd and gets lots of attention from the team here. They have access to good quality hay 24/7 and if they require hard feed we ask the owners to provide this in order that their diet and routine are kept the same.

Training usually takes around 4-5 weeks and we ask owners to visit from time to time during the training period to participate in the process. We feel this is important as the owner can learn and continue to use the voice commands by which the horse has been trained. It also instills confidence in the owner to continue driving when the horse goes home.

When the horse leaves here to return home they will have had lots of road experience and be de-sensitised to as many things as possible.



We are happy to advise on types of cart and harness and can often provide these at competitive prices. Safety is paramount when choosing a cart and harness so please be sure to take advice before purchasing. We are happy to help wherever we can.