Have Your Own driving Pony But Need Help With Confidence?


If you have your own driving pony but need help with confidence or feel nervous going out on the road we can help.

We can offer you accommodation in a mobile home so that you and your pony can stay here for 5 days and we can help you together with your partnership to get all the skills you need to feel confident with your driving.

It’s a big step venturing out on the road when you first start your driving journey but it’s a wonderful pastime that brings a lot of fun and pleasure.

We train horses to drive here at Horse Haven Uk and we also coach people to drive.

When we train horses to cart they are usually with us between 4-5 weeks and their owners come along from time to time to participate in the training process.

We run a variety of workshops coaching people to drive.  1 day taster days, 3 day driving activities and our most popular 5 day driving activity holiday.

The question has been asked several times if we could coach people with their own horse.

We are pleased to say that we are now able to offer this facility.

Over the 5 day stay with us you will get the confidence you need to get out and about.

Day 1 is about settling your horse in so that he/she gets used to new surroundings and we can get to know them too.  All aspects of safety to include harness and cart will be covered on day 1 with 1 of our horses.  Day 2 onwards will be harnessing and driving with your own horse, both on the safety of our track system and lots of road work. You will have the opportunity to drive a 2 wheel cart and 4 wheel carriage.

Self catering in the mobile home which is situated right next to the yard where your horse will be. Your horse will be provided with good quality ad lib hay at all times but if you give hard feed we ask that you bring your own in order that their diet remains the same.

Each day will begin at 10.30am. and run until 4.30.  Vegetarian lunch provided.
















If this is of interest to you please email: suzannah@horsehavenuk.com or telephone Suzannah on 01458 860186/07545 139009 for more details, prices and availability.