End of our Workshops for 2019

..Well, it’s the end of our workshops for 2019.

Always sad when visitors stop coming but it’s time to settle down.  To embrace the dark nights for they won’t last long.

Wrap up on the cold mornings, give a bit of TLC to our waterproofs and enjoy restful evenings by the fire.

Time to restore our batteries and get ready for the coming year.

It seems like a long time but the trees have lost their leaves and said goodbye for a while.

It really won’t be long before the new buds of life begin and Spring comes forth once more.

All the outdoor jobs still have to be done, the rain and the mud make it tiresome.

The horses have put on their winter coats but hey on the upside “no more flies”.

Let’s just take a lesson from the trees and enjoy longer evenings indoors, rest a while and plan for the coming year.

Wishing all you horsey folk a lack of mud, a lack of snow and lots of lovely warm evenings with a nice bevvy of your choice.

Workshop Season so far for 2020:

February 17th to 21st.   Equine Facilitated Learning Diploma (half term for some and a special New Year discount)

March 2nd to 6th Equine Facilitated Learning Diploma

March 14th Taster Day Driving a Horse and Carriage 10.30am till 4pm (vouchers available if you are stuck for a novel Xmas gift)

Mindfulness and drumming with horses, not yet sure of the dates yet but probably end of March.

And……. much, much more to come.

Will soon be putting up the calendar for 2020 on our workshop page on the website.

Hope to see you in 2020!

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