Equine Facilitated Learning Taster Day at Horse Haven Uk

Equine Facilitated Learning 

What happens at an Equine Facilitated Learning Day at Horse Haven Uk?
Experience with horses is not necessary and for anyone with a fear of horses this can be very helpful.
Well, after the meet and greet we have an ice breaker to get to know each other.
It’s generally a mixed group and everyone has their own unique reason for attending.
We all want to make some positive changes in our lives whatever they may be. We will never ask for content unless you particularly wish to share.
Time to set some personal goals and seal them in an envelope to take away at the end of the day.
A brief meditation to empower those goals and get ready for the day ahead.
Outside to explore boundaries for ourselves, others and the horses.
Coffee time
We then go on to explore ourselves, how we communicate and what our favoured modalities are. You will learn how to communicate with body language for clarity.
Time for you as a group to meet the horses and spend time with them in their natural environment around the pond.
Vegetarian Lunch
Working in pairs along with the horse you will explore ways of overcoming obstacles that may get in the way as you journey toward your goal.  You will also learn to work as a team with the horse as a team member.
It will amaze you as new ideas begin to emerge and exactly how the horses help you to explore new ways of doing things.

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