Equine Facilitated Learning Taster Demo

Equine Facilitated Learning Taster Demo

These videos are to give you a brief demonstration of our Equine Facilitated Learning taster workshop.

This is how a group session works, not for any specific needs but generally for people that want to make some positive changes i.e. increase confidence, goal setting, overcoming life obstacles, communicating more clearly, teamwork etc.

We had lots of fun making the videos on a lovely sunny day during coronavirus lockdown. All participants live on the premises at Horse Haven Uk so there was no violation of the lockdown rules.

Obviously, we could not cover all that happens on the day with our equine facilitated learning taster otherwise the video would be too long.

In the morning we work together as a group learning about body language, use of energy and clear ways of non-verbal communication. We learn a lot about ourselves. All group members set their goals.  These goals are then used in the afternoon on a journey undertaken with a horse toward their goal. All group members will have walked through the obstacles before working with the horse. The facilitator will give an interpretation of the meaning of the obstacles and each person can identify it in their own way to obstacles in their life.

Hope you enjoy and hope also that you join us for an equine facilitated learning taster day in the near future.



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