Equine Facilitated Learning

Who would benefit from Equine Facilitated Learning?

Anyone wishing to improve their communication skills, self belief, increase confidence levels, learn to reduce anxiety.

It helps develop leadership skills, set and achieve goals and generally become more self aware.

Everyone can benefit from aspiring to become more self aware. To recognise how our energy can affect others and learn to be clear with body language.

How can horses help me?

Horses are very straightforward and clear communicators. Being prey animals they are naturally suspicious, therefore you have to gain their trust. Once trust is established a bond will form and they will be happy to work with you. Horses are very sensitive animals and pick up on your energy and emotions. As a result of this they will often mirror your feelings.

Being around horses seems to have a natural calming effect. Anyone with a fear of horses, wishing to overcome that fear will have a gentle introduction with someone experienced. This will help them to relax in the presence of the horses. The fear will dissipate and bring about a sense of achievement and harmony.



What happens on the day?

When everyone arrives we settle down with a cup of tea or coffee in order get to know each other. After some informal introductions we  do a short guided meditation for grounding.

There will be a variety of exercises which are fun, informative and designed to help us better understand ourselves.

One of these exercise is “the boundary game”. This is done in pairs and the object of the game is to identify personal boundaries. By modifying personal boundaries communication skills can be improved. This exercise always creates lots of laughter. It is amazing how something so simple creates a greater self awareness.

All of the exercises are fun but are designed to promote self awareness. This, in turn brings about beneficial personal change in all areas of life.

In the morning you will be given a piece of paper and envelope to write down your goals and wishes. Not just for the day but generally in life. You can then seal these in your envelope with your name on.

This is your own personal goal and does not need to be shared within the group. The envelopes are put in a special place for the afternoon journey with the horses. The horses will then help you through a variety of obstacles to reach those goals.

At the end of the day the envelopes are given back for you to take home and remind yourselves to push on through obstacles in order to attain that goal.










Whilst lunch is prepared you will go out to meet the horses with David and Mareile. David lives here at Horse Haven Uk and looks after the Horse  Haven  herd. He is a qualified riding instructor, driving instructor and an EFL Facilitator.  Mareile is an experienced horse handler and an EFL Facilitator. Between them they will ensure your safety at all times.

No one is ever expected to do anything they are not comfortable with. However, we aim to push through obstacles in order to reach your goals.

Everyone that comes on the equine facilitated learning day wishes to make some sort of personal change in their lives.  We  find that as the day goes on the group seems to develop a bond and become very supportive toward each other.

Should any emotional issues arise for anyone Suzannah is a qualified therapist and Master Practitioner of NLP and is always available to help and advise wherever possible in a confidential professional manner.

After a vegetarian lunch it’s off to play with the horses for the afternoon and work toward those very special goals.

We hope you will join us for a day of fun, learning and self development in a caring, safe environment. If this appeals to you please go to our store, click workshops and reserve a space on our “Equine Facilitated Learning” workshop. We try to run this on a monthly basis and are happy to offer private group workshops during weekdays. To enquire about a private arrangement please email suzannah@horsehavenuk.com for more information.

Everyone that has attended this workshop has experienced some kind of personal change. Below are some of their comments:-

“Today I had the most amazing day on the EFL course. It has really helped me work through some confidence issues and I will forever be thankful to the team that worked with us today. Not only am I now more confident in the presence of horses but I feel I have more confidence to pursue the career I want and put myself forward for opportunities that in the past I would shy away from. I would highly suggest this workshop for anyone that is lacking confidence be it with horses or anything else”. Nome Hunter

On a recent visit to Meare in Somerset I had the pleasure to experience equine therapy at Horse Haven.  This was the first time I had been in such close contact with horses and must admit I was slightly nervous but this was soon forgotten as I was expertly introduced to the horses by Suzannah, the therapist.  I then found myself leading the horse I selected called Twister into the arena.  Under the guidance of Suzannah what followed was one of the most wonderful emotional and unforgettable experiences that I have had.  I would recommend that if you can you should try this amazing therapy for yourself.  It will be something that you will never forget,  I know I never will”.   Kath Colman

“Recently I have had the opportunity of working with one of the horses, Otto.  I found this to be an amazing experience and quite unexpected.  I chose Otto as I felt mostly that I wanted to spend time with him.  Walking around with Otto holding the reins which were in actual fact not needed, I journeyed through a myriad of emotions and moments of recognition of thoughts and thought patterns – it was amazing because Otto mirrored my feelings and I felt he understood my insecurity, my nervousness, my desire to understand more of me through this connection and a desire to know Otto as he is such a lovely horse to work with.  Otto understood, expressed what I could not express and communicated so much positive energy that it is hard to put into words everything that that space with Otto gave me.  It brought me opportunities to look at my discomforts, my strengths, what I can achieve, what I can change, healing and shifting and moving things forward for me emotionally, mentally and physically there is a reaction.  Things keep changing as I reflect upon them – like conversations I have with people, I track my comfort, discomfort zones and I track my emotions quicker, quickly adjusting to make myself more comfortable and knowing I have the power to change.  I feel I have more options and opportunities and most of all for a while I had a deep connection to a lovely horse, called Otto.  I am so glad to have had this opportunity and I would do it again – wonderful experience”.   Sara, 21st Sept 2015, Glastonbury, Somerset.

“I have worked around horses most of my life so was very sceptical.  I am inspired to learn more about this work as I could not believe the effect this had upon my confidence, emotions and general wellbeing.  Truly amazing”.   D  from Devon

“Thank you so much.  Cannot believe how my thinking and confidence has changed.  I have always been nervous around horses but not any more.  At first it was challenging having to overcome fears but with gentle guidance it soon became one of the most enjoyable and life changing experiences”.  Karen