Happy Christmas From All Of Us At Horse Haven UK

Happy Christmas from all of us at Horse Haven UK.  Just a few thoughts on Christmas as it is almost upon us once again.  This year seems to have gone so fast.

Funny old time of year. For some it’s a magical happy time.  Time spent with family and friends but for others it can be sad and lonely so let’s spare a thought for others less fortunate and count our blessings.

For us at Horse Haven Uk it’s very much about family, friends, good food, sharing, lots of laughs and a time of togetherness.

Aaargh, in my minds eye I can see the seemingly endless piles of roast potatoes and me fretting about how to keep everything hot before serving.

I love Xmas Eve and our joint efforts at vegetable prepping with a good old G & T.  Mike does his annual ritual of mince pie making, the only time of year he looks at an oven. Ha ha.

Xmas morning arrives and the horses still have to be tended, just another day for them so wellies and warm layers it is. Hopefully not waterproofs.

Back in for a yummy breakfast around the table then into the lounge for pressie opening time.  The log fire is roaring and everyone is in anticipation of their presents.  I so love watching Bella and Bodhi open their presents. It really is a magical time for 3 year olds here, I wish it were so for all children.

Now for the festive cook up while the rest of the adults play with the childrens toys, yep that’s what happens.  The kitchen gets hot and full of lovely aromas so soon we can all sit down to enjoy our feast and realise just how lucky and blessed we are.  Then comes Xmas pudding and everyone is too full to eat it.

Out to the horses once again, share some quality time with them and of course some veggies and treats.

That’s me done, time to rest and reflect on the day and manifest some dreams for the future.

From all of us at Horse Haven Uk we wish you a wonderful, happy Xmas and may your dreams come true for the coming New Year.

Let’s count our blessings and spare a thought for others less fortunate around the globe.  Maybe we could take a quiet moment to send out thoughts of peace and healing around the planet and aim to shine a little light into the darkness.

Bye for now.



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