Twice a year we aim to run a “Mindfulness, Healing and Drumming with Horses Workshop”.

Graeme Green of “The Mindful Horse” is the facilitator for this workshop.

He has a wealth of experience and shares his knowledge freely.

It encompasses shamanic work, meditation, mindfulness, healing and of course time drumming with the horses.

It seems to create big shifts for people and can be very cathartic.

You would think that the horses would not be pleased with lots of people in their space drumming away.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

The horses actually come running when they hear the drums and seem to really enjoy the vibration of the drum. They join in wholeheartedly.

On one occasion our fjord mare, Saffy actually took the drumstick off someone and started banging the drum herself.  As you can imagine this caused lots of laughter.

This workshop is very popular and seems to create an aura of fun and healing for both people and horses alike.

Our first one for 2019 is in March.

Take a look,  who knows, maybe you would like to come along and join us.

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