Healing with horses at Horse Haven Uk. It seems that horses have an innate ability to help us heal our emotional wounds. Horses do not have verbal language like us so have to rely totally on body language. As a result of this they are masters of reading physical movement, facial expressions and tone of voice, which often is missed by humans.

Being prey animals they are always on the lookout for possible danger ready to take flight if necessary and have the ability to assess situations quickly.  Horses are clear and authentic in their dealings with each other and humans alike.

Spending time watching herd behaviour and being in the company of these majestic animals can teach us so much about our own behavior and body language which can help us to understand and control our energy patterns in order to express ourselves more clearly. 

Most of us have deeply entrenched patterns of behavior, usually repeating ones that seem to take us into unwanted situations/emotions over and over again.

In order to change these patterns we first have to recognize them thus opening the door to change.

My observations over the past few years with my own herd of horses and their interactions with the many clients that have come through our gates have brought me to the realization that horses are powerful masters of change, having adapted and survived on this planet for millions of years. If we spend time with them they can gently help us to identify patterns that are no longer useful in our lives and enable us to step through the changes we desire.

If this appeals to you why not come along and spend a day with Suzannah, Dean, Helen and our lovely herd, spending quality, healing time in nature at the peaceful surroundings of Horse Haven UK on the Somerset Levels.

 “Healing our Emotional Wounds”

Suzannah is a qualified Hypnotherapist/Analyst and a Master Practitioner of NLP with over 20 years experience.  She is also a Practitioner and Teacher of Equine Facilitated Therapy. Throughout the year we run our 5 day Diploma Training in equine facilitated learning which has been written by Suzannah and accredited by the IACE (The Institute of Animal Care Education) which seemed appropriate to the type of work we do at Horse Haven Uk.

Dean is an Equine Behaviourist and also has qualifications in Hypnotherapy and Equine Facilitated Therapy.  On our equine assisted learning days Dean is responsible for the health and and wellbeing of the horses which is of paramount importance to us at Horse Haven Uk.

Helen works in the care industry and is very supportive to participants on our equine facilitated learning days and our 5 day EFL Diploma Training.  Helen is an experienced horse handler, she also has qualifications in Hypnotherapy and Equine Facilitated Therapy.

Between us we ensure the safety and enjoyment of workshop participants and horses alike.

The Equine Facilitated Learning 1 day workshops start at 10.30am and take place in our communal area where there will be plenty of teas and coffee, a lovely fire in our wood burner if needed, which provides a cosy space and the opportunity to get to know each other and set some future goals.

Groups are kept small and each person will be invited to identify areas of their lives that they would like to change.  This can be written or spoken but no one will be expected to openly discuss issues that are uncomfortable for them.

We work on boundaries, personal space and how we relate to others.  We aim to discover repeating behavior patterns in order to recognize them and make powerful, positive changes within ourselves.  Working with body language to discover how simple shifts in our energy and expressions can affect others.  This is very important for good relationships and communication.

A vegetarian lunch is provided on the day.

The afternoon will be spent outside with the horses, observing the behavior of the herd and getting to know them.  Horses are very clear and honest. They can teach us a lot.

You do not need experience with horses to attend these 1 day workshops and will never be put in a situation that is not comfortable for you.

The aims of these workshops are to share the healing energy of horses with you in a safe therapeutic environment and to make positive life changes.

The workshops run regularly throughout the year from March to October, details and dates can be found on our workshop page. www.horsehavenuk.com

We have lots of plans for Horse Haven Uk for 2019 to be announced in the Springtime so make sure you stay tuned, subscribe to our website and follow our page on facebook.  You can also find us on youtube where you can subscribe to our channel and keep up to date with our latest videos.  Just copy and paste the link below.


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