So excited to see our honey bees moving into their new home at Horse Haven Uk.

They have been living in the back wall of the mobile home for many years and we are so happy they are now deciding to occupy the lovely Warre Bee Hive made by our Son Joe, of  Trew Hives. His page can be seen on Facebook for anyone interested.

We put the hive in place late last Summer in hope that they would take up residence and vacate the mobile home but no luck last year.

They have lived happily in the cavity of the mobile home and have never bothered anyone inside but the constant buzzing can be a little disconcerting when lying in bed.

A tree fell on the roof of the mobile a few weeks ago in the dreadful winds we had so maybe that prompted them to move.  We are very happy here at the moment.

Not all the bees have moved out so we have just installed another warre hive close by in hopes that the rest of them will occupy hive number 2.

Have just put some lemongrass oil and bit of honeycomb after advice from Joe Leighton-Trew of Trew Hives to tempt them so fingers crossed. Will keep you updated.

In order to bring this video to you Dean got stung on the forehead but only once so all good 🙂

Hope you enjoy his efforts.


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