It seems Horse Haven Uk is fast becoming a therapy centre.

This makes me happy as my roots have been in therapy for over 20 years.

It has been a natural progression over the past few years and finally seems to be what Horse Haven Uk is becoming.

We have offered many workshops over the years, all to great success.  Now we are narrowing it down to workshops that relate toward therapeutic benefits for humans and horses alike.

Between us, our team are able to offer hypnotherapy, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), coaching, motivational skills and equine facilitated learning/therapy.

Not forgetting of course,  our Equine Facilitated Learning Diploma Training.

Our Equine Facilitated Learning/Therapy Diploma is very thorough, has necessary theory but largely practical work to ensure absolute competence and confidence in delegates to go out there to do the work.

Dean is soon to qualify as a Tellington Touch Practitioner, so bringing physical and mental relief to horses.

Dean has an amazing, natural ability with horses and can offer great advice on any problems you might incur with any behavioural issues with your horse.

Please call Suzannah on 07545 139009 if you would like to discuss any issues of this nature.

For those that have lost confidence around horses or riding, Suzannah is able to help with hypnotherapy and NLP.  Dean will then quickly get you back doing ground work and riding, if that is your wish.

We are soon launching a new website “Haven Hypnotherapy Academy” where we will be offering our “Hypnotherapy Diploma Training” which will be CPD accredited and carry CPD points to add to your CV.

For those that have done the EFL diploma training with us and would like a therapy qualification maybe this would fit the bill.

The EFL diploma is also undergoing review for CPD accreditation.

Exciting times ahead.  Stay tuned to the website to keep up to date with new offers.

Of course, we will continue to run our driving workshops here as they are always very popular and we love doing them.

Driving out on a sunny day with a picnic or a gentle evening drive to your local pub has a great feel to it.  It’s like times gone by and conjures up wonderful emotions.

The mindfulness, healing and drumming with horses facilitated by Graeme Green fits our ethos completely so will remain.

The Self Development, healing and animal communication with Jessica May also sits nicely.

I am sure other things will come about, just watch this space for future developments.

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