Just putting the diary together for Horse Haven Uk March Events 2019.

16th March is our first workshop of the year and will be an Equine Facilitated Learning full day of discovering what makes us tick, how to make positive changes, gain more confidence and overcome obstacles in life. The morning is exploring ourselves, the way we communicate to others and learning about body language to enhance our communication.  The afternoon is spent with the horses and with their help finding better ways of communicating to get the results we desire to overcome obstacles in life.  No horse experience is required.

17th March is an “Introduction to driving”.  This is an opportunity to spend the day on our track system learning to drive a horse and cart.  You will learn about the parts of the harness, how to fit to the horse and safely putting the cart to the horse.  Plenty of opportunity for driving on the safety of our track without the need to be concerned about traffic.  Suitable for beginners, no driving experience is required.

23rd March is Mindfulness, Healing and Drumming with horses.  Always very popular and facilitated by Graeme Green of “The Mindful Horse”. Each time Graeme runs this workshop there is something different but you will learn about the core belief of mindfulness, there will be lots of healing moments and of course fun drumming with the horses who really enjoy interacting with the visitors and the rhythm of the drum.  No drumming or horse experience is required.

25th to 29th March is our first Equine Facilitated Learning Accredited Diploma for 2019, running over 5 days from Monday to Friday.  If you are looking toward a career with horses helping people then this is definitely the course for you.  Covering aspects of setting up the business side of things with lots of practical experience throughout the week to ensure that at the end of the course, if meeting the criteria on the final assessment you will be confident and capable of setting up and carrying out this very rewarding work to help others. This training course is already partly filled so early booking is advisable as numbers are limited.

 Well that’s March taken care of and much more to come throughout the year.

I believe April will see a Self Development & Animal Communication Workshop.  This will be facilitated by renowned psychic medium, animal healer and communicator Jessica May.  If you would like to develop your own abilities and learn to listen and communicate with your horses then join us in April.  Dates to be arranged.

All 2019  workshops will be listed on our website  workshop page so be sure to check in from time to time.



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