It’s very humid here on the levels today and the horses are feeling lazy.  Still lovely though as the dragonflies are beginning to appear on the land.  The “house martins”  have all returned to nest in the shelters with the horses, love to watch them flitting about, last year they had 3 broods so I wonder what this year will bring.  Nature is amazing, last year I witnessed Mother bird swoop down and peck our cat on the back to protect her young.  He too was surprised, took off and thankfully doesn’t go near their nests anymore. Small birds but feisty. Very noisy down by the pond as the marsh frogs are fully engaged in their mating rituals, unbelievable how such little creatures can fill the air with loud singing .  There are “bitterns” on the nature reserve below us and you can often hear them make a booming sound. To top it all we seem to have a pair of resident “Firecrests” on the land. Feeling very blessed to be surrounded by nature.

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