Hotels Open 4th July – Horse Haven Uk

Great News ! Hotels open 4th July – Horse Haven Uk.

I spoke to a couple of Hotels in the area this morning. Travelodge in Glastonbury are opening 4th July so are now taking bookings.

The Bear Hotel in Street (which is part of the Marston Group) and are reasonably priced. They have now confirmed they will be opening 4th July and are ready to take bookings.

I am quite sure others will follow suit and probably B&Bs also. 

For now though hotels open 4th July -Horse Haven Uk is good news.

I am so pleased to announce there will be hotels open in our area. Therefore, for anyone wishing to book on our trainings local, reasonably priced accommodation will be available.

It certainly feels good to be able to get started again and we all look forward to welcoming visitors to Horse Haven Uk.

Most of our work is outdoors and we intend to put an open sided marquee up to extend our workshop area.  This will make it much easier for social distancing so it’s all looking good.

Just over 3 weeks until our first equine facilitated learning diploma since lockdown , 13th July  -17th.

After that we are running another EFL practitioner training on 27th July – 31st.

Everyone that had previously booked on a training before lockdown and all new enquiries will be accommodated before the end of our season in October.

There are lots of other workshops on offer too so be sure to check out our website events page.

We have horse and carriage driving introduction days as well as 3 day driving activities. Equine Facilitated Learning 1 day workshops for self-development, zoopharmacognosy and lots more….

Do I sound excited?? That’s because I am ..

Yay, the team at Horse Haven Uk and the horses are all feeling happy!!


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