Hypnotherapy. A Little Bit About My Therapy Work

Hypnotherapy.  A little bit about my therapy work.

Some of you already know I am a hypnotherapist but for those who don’t here’s a little introduction.

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I trained as a hypnotherapist/analyst in 1995 and later became a Master Practitioner of NLP (neuro linguistic programming).

The NLP training I did was over 12 months at Kings College in London with Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Breen.

Since then I have studied many different techniques to keep up to date with my therapy skills.  Like all things, the world of therapy moves on and there is always more to learn.

I am fortunate to have learned a technique to help people who are suffering from chronic pain.

What we are talking about here is “useless, unnecessary pain”.  The type of pain that goes on and on and can only be treated by pharmaceutical drugs for pain management. 

Many people suffer in this way day in, day out. Therefore I am really happy to  offer this service. 

Often 1 session resolves the situation but occasionally several sessions are required.  I have absolute faith in this technique and have had some amazing results with clients.

Sometimes pain is useful and necessary as in the instance of an injury where the pain gives a message to ensure we rest or get medical help. This is important. It is our body taking care of us. However, when the pain has no message and goes on and on it’s debilitating so good to know help is available.

At the beginning of this year I trained as a “Kinetic Shift Practitioner”.  This is a very fast dynamic technique which can be used alongside hypnosis or as a stand alone therapy.

I use this technique with all my clients these days as it really does shift unwanted feelings, anxiety, phobias and many other limiting beliefs.  Once those feelings are shifted we can replace them with good feelings. Confidence, self esteem, self belief and as a result of this help people feel amazing about themselves.

My particular passion is working with anxiety, limiting beliefs and phobias. 

Hypnotherapy can help with so many issues the list is almost endless.

I work with private clients at Horse Haven Uk and some of the work I do can be done on skype so distance no object.

Feeling lucky to be able to say “I love my job”.

 At Horse Haven UK we also offer “Equine Facilitated Learning”. 

For this we are joined by our horses. The horses  can show us a lot about body language, leadership skills, teamwork and non verbal communication.  They love the work and are always ready to help people make positive changes.  Sometimes just watching the interactions between the herd can give great insights.

Being in nature, being still and mindful in the presence of the horses can have a huge impact on the way we see ourselves.  We have observed some remarkable behaviour changes as a result of equine facilitated learning.

We have an experienced team of therapists and horse handlers here at Horse Haven UK and we are happy to offer help to anyone that would like to join us.

It is not necessary to have experience with horses for this and there is no riding involved.

The team are here to keep everyone safe and happy, humans and horses alike.  We all love this work and welcome visitors to embrace positive change.

2018 saw the launch of our 5 day Equine Facilitated Learning Diploma Training.

This has been very popular and some dates for next year are already fully booked.  The course is very practical and covers aspects of setting up the business.

Thank you for reading my post, if any of this appeals to you pop over to our workshop page at www.horsehavenuk.com .

If you would like to book a private therapy session with Suzannah either in person or via skype then email: suzannah@horsehavenuk.com

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