We had Lee Hughes Equine Dentist here today and I have to say he is totally amazing.

I hate anything to do with teeth, human or animal and have a major phobia of dentists so generally I try to keep out of the way, not to pass my fears on to the horses.

Must admit though it fascinates me when Lee comes to do the horses as he is so matter of fact, patient and gentle with them that it just seems to flow easily and the horses don’t seem to bother too much.  Everything is quiet, slow and natural.

One of our horses Leon is particularly sensitive, very suspicious and a little wary of strangers.  He was first for the dentist today and started off very anxious, rearing and side stepping but with Dean on the end of the rope to reassure him and Lee just taking his time,  giving Leon space and chatting with him he very soon calmed down and the job was done.

We have our horses teeth checked once a year unless there is anything wrong in between and having a good Equine Dentist is worth so much so if any of you are looking for an equine dentist Lee is really, really good. His number can be found on our website under associates.

Lee is based in Corfe Mullen, near Poole but does travel so if you are looking give him a call.

Here is a photo of our little Oisin having his teeth done for the first time.  Oisin was abandoned as a very young foal last year and we rescued him.  The vet didn’t think he would survive but he has a warrior spirit and is enjoying life to the full.  Well done Oisin, despite a little setback at the start you were a good boy.

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