Had Lee Hughes Equine Dentist here today. Cannot recommend him highly enough. 2 of our horses needed wolf teeth removed and I cannot believe how quickly and efficiently it was done. It was all very calm, no bother from the horses and immediately Lee finished they returned to the bale to eat.

Amazing, as if nothing had happened.   Twister had a big problem going on that none of us had realized and after the offending tooth was removed he was nuzzling Lee as if to say “Thank You”. All the horses were checked and treated where necessary and the price was very very fair.

Thank you so much Lee.

If anyone needs a good equine dentist for a reasonable cost I would strongly recommend contacting Lee Hughes. He is based in the Poole area but does travel.

We all know how difficult it is to find a good equine dentist that charges a fair price so if you are in need of one I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest you give Lee Hughes a call on 07827 735606.

He is also a really nice guy with a wealth of horse knowledge.

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