Lovely review from 1 of our recent clients.

Dear Deane and Suzannah
Thank you for your hard work with my ponies, I have just put a few word together that you might like to share with your potential customers

My 3 mini ponies have been trained to harness by the team at Somerset Horse Haven led by Deane and Sue.Each of my ponies have very different characteristic and Deane soon understood them as individuals and adapted the training to suit them.
All have been trained to go single and the boys as a pair which they really do love as they are life long friends. I was thrilled when I drove the ponies not only were they very happy to work, they all had great manners, worked on rubber bits, responded to aids and voice commands and ,much to my delight, stood perfectly when put to and asked to stand.
It took me quite a while to find trainers who understood that my minis although small in size required the same level of understanding and training as a larger horse. I’m looking forward to driving my ponies this summer and continuing your good work.
I wish you well for the future

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