MEET BREEZE A New Member To Our Herd

Meet Breeze a new member to our herd.







He came to us as an experienced driving pony and is a very beautiful cremello gelding with a gentle soul.

It never ceases to amaze me how horses adapt to change.  He seems to have made friends with Herbie and Oisin who I have to say are equally easy going and gentle souls.  Madame Saffy, our fjord lead mare is taking a little longer to be nice to him but softly softly and in time all will be well and Breeze fully integrated into the herd. In the evening Breeze, Herbie and Oisin are on one side of the track with the gate separating the two tracks and the other horses on the other side of the track but during the day when there is always someone around we open it all up so that all 7 horses intermingle.













We needed another driver as our driving workshops and activity holidays are proving very popular so Breeze is getting used to the track system here at Horse Haven Uk so that he can give our visitors a safe and fulfilling experience.






Bless him he even met the challenge of driving through the pond.

He truly is a star and we are very happy to have found him.

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