OISIN (Oshin)


Oisin came to us in July 2016. He was abandoned as a foal. We have no history but he could not have been more than 5 months when we took him in. He was malnourished, wobbly on his legs and his worm count was off the scale. A very sad boy indeed. With lots of care and veterinary help we quickly got the worm count clear and he slowly gained weight and strength. The vet expressed concerns that he might not make it but we were determined to pull him through. We recognised his warrior spirit and gave him every opportunity to grow.  He made a good recovery moved on to the track with the herd and soon began to enjoy life. He has a lovely, mischievous nature and turned into a beautiful boy. He is now having training, being long lined and has accepted a saddle but not yet been backed. The photo shows him having fun in the snow with the others.



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