Only A Few Months Before Our Workshop Season Ends

This year seems to be flying by, only a few months before our workshop season ends. Be sure to check our workshop page to see what is on offer.
We have had lots of lovely new visitors at Horse Haven Uk so far this year. I would like to thank everyone that has taken part in the various workshops. I would also like to thank the Facilitators who have made it all possible.
Congratulations to all who have attended our Equine Facilitated Learning Diploma Trainings. You have all been amazing, worked hard and it’s been a pleasure and fun working with you. Wishing you all every success in your new ventures.
For those of you who would like to train as therapists, we now offer a Hypnotherapy Diploma Training. These take place in various cities in the Uk over the Winter months. If this is of interest to any of you visit for more details. Price discounts for those who have trained with us in equine facilitated learning. If interested drop me an email or give me a ring on 07545 139009.
Seems like just yesterday since March arrived and the workshop season began but sadly only a few months before our workshop season ends.
We have an EFL diploma training in September. Due to several requests, we will run the last one of the year in October half term 21st to 25th.
Then, I suppose it’s time to settle down and embrace the coming Winter. Although, Mareile and I will be travelling with the Hypnotherapy Diploma Training. Birmingham end of October and Bristol in November.

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