A Day of Self Development,Healing & Animal Communication


A Day of Self Development,Healing & Animal Communication

July 6th @ 10:30 am4:30 pm


Welcome to a day of self development, healing & animal communication at Horse Haven Uk with Jessica May.
For those that missed the April workshop Jessica has agreed to do another workshop in July.
Numbers for this workshop are limited in order that everyone gets individual attention.
We have hosted animal communication workshops in the past and they have been very popular.  We have had several requests to run another and I am pleased to say Jessica May has agreed to come along and facilitate this workshop in July.

I have asked Jess to give us a brief outline of the day and this is what she has to say.

My name is Jessica May and I have been working as a healer and animal communicator for many years now. I have had the gift to communicate with animals and spirit since I was a child.In 2015 I decided to embark on a path of spiritual development to understand and fine tune my psychic abilities.

I am a Reiki Practitioner and currently preparing to become a Reiki Master.

I travel the country quite a bit working as a Medium, doing both platform work and private readings.

In a private reading I aim to help people connect to their soul in order to recognise blocks and repeating cycles in life that can often hold them back from achieving the life they want.

I travel extensively around the South West as well as Warwick/Worcestershire area treating clients and animals.



I believe everyone has the ability to develop their psychic skills, we are all able on some level to heal and communicate with the animal kingdom as well as each other. This workshop will give you some techniques to begin your own journey.


There will be meditation to still the mind and clear any blocks that might be holding you back.

You will learn methods to help you connect with your higher self and inner child.

We will do work to open and clear the chakras (chakras are the energy centres throughout your body).



Grounding techniques before working with the horses.

We will connect with the horses on a soul to soul level.

You will learn to see and feel auras.  The aura is an energy field that surrounds the body.

Horses seem to reflect our feelings, we will explore why this is.

Learn to hear and channel messages from the horses.

To reserve a place on this workshop go to store, click workshops and you can book your place via  card or paypal.


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