Animal Communication, Drumming & Healing with Horses

Animal Communication, Drumming & Healing with Horses



Animal communication, drumming & healing with Horses.  2  day event facilitated  by Avis  Senior.   Watch the video to learn more. Then read  all  about Avis in  her bio below the video.  Contact  for  more  details.  30th and 31st May.




Hello, I’m Avis Senior.

I have been around horses for most of my life; their teachings have brought me to where I am today – a teacher,  advocate, a voice for horses, and author of Horse Riding in the 21st Century – , a book that speaks out on their behalf.

At six years old, I was riding ponies truly free. By the age of sixteen, I had allowed my elders to force me to conform to tradition. I had allowed myself to enter a world of whips, bits, and verbal and physical abuse of horses. There appeared to be very little compassion and respect for these beautiful beings – there was only dominance and ridicule.

For a while, I lost my voice as I witnessed the abhorrent training and riding methods used by many. However, these same people saw something in me and the results I achieved with the very same horses they had abused.

At around 17 years of age and unqualified, I became the person they would call upon when they failed. There was no interest in how I achieved the results; however, there were often gasps when I removed the many contraptions from the horse’s head and body.

I was teaching horse riders and building a reputable image of compassion with positive results. My apparent self made ability gave far more credence than qualifications in those days.

However, mere ability and experience soon became a thing of the past; equestrians would  trust only those who held BHS qualifications.

I finally took the plunge and qualified as a BHSAI in 1994, in the belief that the BHS training and riding systems would resonate with my views and the teachings passed on to me by the horses themselves. How wrong I was. Sadly, the BHS training and riding systems had no consideration for the physical, mental and emotional needs of horses. I came away with a qualification based on dominance, submission and abuse.

I set about trying to show riders how to get better results without force and without an array of contraptions; but they were so steeped in tradition and the beliefs they grew up with, along with those handed down by the trainers of the Equestrian Governing Bodies  that in 2011, after many years of teaching both freelance and in riding schools, I gave up my post as Chief Instructor and walked away from teaching, knowing I had to find a more valuable way of helping our equine counterparts; and I did!

In 2011, a major life event made me take stock and rethink my future.

In 2012, I began my new journey of learning so that I could be a greater advocate of horses. Along the way, I authored “Horse Riding Choose Your Weapons’, but eventually changed its name to the current title – Horse Riding in the 21st Century – Discover the route to your success’.

My journey has taken many paths with many learnings since 2012. What began as a new career in Energy-Based Therapies for horses, expanded into working with various species – domesticated, and occasional livestock.

However, my qualifications further expanded into those relating to the health and wellbeing of humans, when I quickly realised that I couldn’t help improve the life and well-being of animals without first empowering the humans responsible for their care, to take steps in ensuring their own excellent health and well-being.

My time is now spent showing and mentoring animal caretakers in how to give priority to their own health and well-being, via modalities such as Mindfulness, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming),  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), so that they are equipped to give of their best to their non-human families.  In turn, both they and their non-human families will thrive.

My life, along with my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health is a far cry from my life prior to 2011.

I believe that things happen for good reason. I now know we all have a purpose in life. Whether or not we take notice of the hints is down to us.

I’m lucky – I took notice of the hints. I live my best life. In doing so, the animals in my care are free to do the same. Don’t get me wrong – I still have the odd ‘down’ day, and just in case I don’t notice my symptoms, the animals in my care will certainly enlighten me to them.

Horses are amazing healers and teachers. They continue to inspire me with both.


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