Horse Haven Uk Barefoot Horses on Track


Horse Haven Uk barefoot horses on track.

This is an account by Mike Leighton-Trew of how we created a track system for our barefoot horses at Horse Haven Uk.

It explains why and how we did this.

We did much research regarding care of barefoot horses, their physical and dietary needs.

The land here is peat, so we paid a lot of attention to detail and utilised local knowledge of the land.

We have been fortunate to find the right people in our community with the necessary machinery and knowledge of working and living on the Somerset Levels.

It was a long journey and due to the nature of the land here huge amounts of hardcore were required to raise the ground and ensure adequate drainage.

It is our firm belief that what we have created here has hugely benefited our horses. Not only in terms of physical health but also in terms of their psychological growth as a herd enjoying their natural state of being as far as we can provide in captivity.

They have freedom within their own domain and express this by their own choices of activity and body language in their interactions with each other within their herd family.