Introduction to Foraging and Equine Sensory


Introduction to Foraging and Equine Sensory.

This will be a very interesting workshop facilitated by Elizabeth Whiter and Mike Griffiths.

Elizabeth Whiter MHAO MNFSH IIZ Dip.WSA COSH is a professional and insured equine and animal healer specialising in energy healing, equine sensory enrichment and Zoopharmacognosy. She runs a unique animal clinic for dogs, cats, equines and humans and receives regular referrals from vets. Her pioneering animal healing school trains and registers graduates in Diplomas in Equine Healing and Communication and Sensory Enrichment. She travels worldwide with her students to give healing at animal sanctuaries and fundraise for them. She has been around horses all her life and currently her everyday equine companions are Iris and Dancer. She loves to share her extensive knowledge at workshops and talks to inspire others to help animals too. Elizabeth is the author of The Animal Healer and co-author of You Can Heal Your Pet


















Mike Griffiths does Zoopharmacognosy, Healing and Equine Massage.









This is what Elizabeth and Mike have to say about the workshop:

An Introduction to Foraging and Equine Sensory and Food Enhancement

The availability of fresh and dried natural material in a horse’s diet is of paramount importance for the physical and psychological wellbeing of equines. This can be of particular importance where the animal is on restricted pasture or is on box-rest.

In the natural state a horse would have access to all types of pasture herbage and bush/tree forage.  Modern pastures often consist of a restricted number of grass species and the location of enclosed pasture can mean that hedge browse is not available.

This workshop will provide an introduction to what is available in our hedgerows and fields to offer our horses directly as fresh forage or as herbal oils and other remedies which can be easily produced in our kitchens.

The day is designed to enable the participants to:-

Identify suitable and safe fresh browse from hedgerows and pasture.

Understand what sensory enhancement is and its importance for our equines.

Discover the protocols for offering enrichments safely and effectively.

Notice observed reactions and responses.

Produce their own infused oils, hydrosols, honey infusions and dried remedies from herbs found in the garden and countryside.








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