Lose weight through hypnosis with Suzannah MP3.  Available now for download on the website.

Go to the store and click on downloads for more information.

Please do not play any of the MP3s whilst driving or operating machinery as they does contain hypnotic content.

If you suffer from epilepsy or other medical issues please consult with your Doctor before listening.

Losing weight can feel challenging but it is often a mindset.

Hypnotherapy can help you to make adjustments to this mindset along with suggestions for healthy eating habits and exercise.

Sound daunting?  It really needn’t be.

Through the use of positive suggestion and engaging with your incredibly powerful imagination great changes can be made easily and comfortably.

I am quite confident that listening to “lose weight through hypnosis with Suzannah MP3” on a regular basis will definitely help you gain the body you wish to achieve and comfortably shed those unwanted pounds.

Imagine going into a shop and fitting into the dress you really love without any negative body images.

Notice how that feels because when you begin to notice those feelings and engage with your imagination and subconscious mind change becomes inevitable.

I suggest listening to the MP3 on a regular basis and if you still struggle find a suitable therapist.

Sometimes it is necessary to discover the underlying cause in which case a qualified hypnotherapist would be able to help.

This can be done either in person or on skype.