Mindfulness, healing & drumming with horses marks the start of our workshop season for 2019.

This workshop is always very popular and books quickly.

People say “how does that work, surely the horses get anxious about the sound of the drum”? The answer to that is “not at all, the horses seem to love it and actively participate”. Pictures speak volumes.









Graeme Green of “The Mindful Horse” offers this unique opportunity to introduce the basics of mindfulness alongside the powerful impact of the healing drum.

Mindfulness teaches us the power of being in the moment. It grounds us in the present, connecting us with an awareness that acknowledges where we are and why we are there. Re-establishing that connection returns us to our lives as they actually are – not what they have been, nor what they might be.

Drumming is one of the oldest healing modalities and is recognised by most holistic and alternative practitioners as a non-invasive aid to releasing physical and emotional blockages that affect the energetic body.

This unique and powerful learning experience brings together that power of focus in the present moment with the healing intention delivered through the drum.

Attendees will develop core mindfulness and drumming skills and be able to practice with each other before engaging with the horses. They will learn skills to take home for pleasure or healing purposes for themselves, others around them and animals.

Graeme brings a unique collection of skills which draw humans and horses together. He is a Reiki drum master, an animal/human reiki practitioner and a qualified equine energy healer. He also works specifically with two-legged beasts as a Mindfulness Coach and Equine Assisted Learning facilitator.

Refreshments provided throughout the day and vegetarian lunch is included.


“Thank you for the experience, it was mind-blowing”

“The contact with the horses, wonderful! Such a sense of calm, peace and contentment”

“The healing with vibration and meditation has drastically reduced my anxiety around horses”

To reserve your place on this workshop go to the website store, click workshops and you can book via paypal or card.