Relax through hypnosis with Suzannah MP3 is now available in store on downloads.

As a Christmas gift I am offering this download COMPLETELY FREE until 31st December 2018. Go to store, click downloads and enter your details along with coupon code RELMP3 to receive your free gift of “relax through hypnosis with Suzannah MP3”.

Please do not play this MP3 whilst driving or attending machinery as it does contain hypnotic content.

If you suffer from epilepsy or other medical issues please consult with your doctor before listening.

These days stress seems to be a prominent issue so notice your feelings and take some time out to relax, de-stress and be sure to make some special time for you because of course you deserve it.

I recommend that to gain maximum benefit you listen to this MP3 on a regular basis.

Make yourself comfortable and find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed and allow peaceful relaxation to spread.

I am confident that this “relax through hypnosis with Suzannah MP3” will help you to relax.

If you find that stress and anxiety are getting the better of you and affecting your life and others around you then I suggest you seek help from a qualified therapist eithier local to you or via skype.