Stop smoking  through hypnosis is designed to help you achieve your goal to become a non smoker.

It has been created by Suzannah Leighton who qualified as a hypnotherapist in 1995.

Suzannah then went on to study NLP (neuro linguistic programming).  She did a year long training programme in London with Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Breen and achieved her diploma as master practitioner of NLP in 1996.

Suzannah has aimed to keep up with latest techniques.

These days Suzannah often enlists the help of her horses in assisting therapy clients and the results have been quite amazing.

I very much hope you enjoy the CD and I hope it enables you to make some beneficial changes in your life but please do not listen to this CD whilst driving or if you suffer from epilepsy.

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Dimensions 13 × 15 × 2 cm