Quick Update On Horse Haven Uk Happenings. 

Just a quick update on Horse Haven Uk happenings. 

Lots of changes happening at the moment and we feel they are very positive.

We are no longer offering driving tuition, activity driving holidays or training horses to cart.

These activities were put in place for Dean as this area was his particular passion. It was never particularly mine, although driving is a lovely pastime. 

Our overall interest has been keeping the horses barefoot, maintaining a track system and good diet for healthy hooves and gentle natural horsemanship.

Dean has been with us for almost 3 years and has done an excellent job of giving people taster days for driving horse and cart. For those interested in going further he has done 3 and 5 day private, in depth tuition on driving horses.

He has been a massive support and help on the EFL diplomas and we would like to acknowledge that.  

Things have changed and now we need to take a step back to our original plan.

It has always been our plan for the horses to live as near a natural life as possible.  To provide therapy with the aid of the horses and to offer a healing, peaceful place for visitors to come. Not be rushed in any way but just to enjoy being in nature and sharing a healing space with the horses.

It is now time to focus on our Equine Facilitated Learning days and the horses, of course will be the teachers because they are. 

We are offering bespoke programmes for private groups, both half days and full days alongside our regular EFL group days.

There will still be other workshops happening and there are lots of interesting ones coming along. 

Equine Facilitated Learning Diploma

The diploma is now approved and accredited by CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

The EFL Diploma will continue Mareile Bowditch is a qualified EFL Facilitator and a very experienced horse handler will assist the programme.

David Taylor, a highly experienced horseman (having worked with horses in the military). David is a qualified EFL Facilitator with experience of working with PTSD. He will be on hand from time to time to help out.

Dean is no longer a part of Horse Haven Uk and we would like to wish him well for the future.

Thank you, Dean, for all of your input, we will miss you but sincerely hope that your solo venture goes well and is an amazing success for you.

Suzannah and all at Horse Haven Uk


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