Our little man rescue foal arrived today after an epic 2 day journey across the sea from Ireland.

Not looking his best at the moment but with a lot of love from the Horse Haven Uk team that will soon be changed.

Came off the lorry sweet as you like. Put the lead rope on him and he came down the ramp calm and easy, bless him.

Took him to his own little yard and shelter next to the other horses and he immediately ate the bucket of feed I put out for him, then wandered into the shelter to munch on his hay and found his water trough.

He met the herd over the fence from the arena and Saffi mare, our Norwegian Fjord was besotted with him (maternal instincts coming out).  All of the horses were interested but none showed any signs of aggression.  I think they know he’s a baby.

They were neighing back and fore to each other and little man has a small voice.  Native American name would I am sure be “Little Voice”.

Even Mabon the Mule gave voice to the moment which was hilarious.

He is very small and we think he is very young.

Watch this space to monitor his progress.

Frantically thinking of a name for him.  Suggestions please…..




4 comments on “RESCUE FOAL”

  1. Claire Ryall Reply

    Hi, how brilliant this little foal has found Horse Haven – first name that came to me was Gideon….?

    • Suzannah Reply

      Thank you Claire. He really is in a sorry state at the moment and will needs lots of TLC. Such a sweet nature.

  2. Lynda Mladenovic Reply

    Hi, Lorcan, means little brave one in Irish x or Shamrock x ❤ .

    • Suzannah Reply

      Thank you, he certainly is a brave one poor chap. Happy to say he is getting stronger each day and a little bit of spirit is beginning to shine through. Shamrock is nice also. I think we have just settled on a Welsh name Twmi bach which means little Tom. Kind of suits him and being Welsh I must admit to liking my Welsh names. Be okay as long as everyone pronounces it right. 🙂

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