SMILE & BE HAPPY It Will Soon Be Springtime

Smile & be happy it will soon be Springtime.

Couldn’t resist that as a title, quite sure we are all fed up of rain and mud at the moment.

Well a bit late for Happy New Year but I do hope 2018 brings many blessings, good health and much happiness to all.  It would be nice if it brings hope, peace and good news around the world too.

We have certainly had our share of rain and mud lately,  I hope you are all coping with your horses.  Don’t know what we would do without the track system, our land is totally waterlogged.

The good news though is that it won’t be long till Spring, you can feel it in the air, snowdrops are up and there is a definite promise of brighter days to come, so next time your wellies get stuck in the mud just hold that thought.

Our workshop season is about to begin and we are looking forward to welcoming guests, old and new to spend time with us and the horses doing various activities.  We will be doing our regular driving workshops and we have quite a few new ones planned too.

Hope to see you here.

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