Suzannah is a Hypnotherapist,  Master Practitioner of NLP & Integral Eye Movement Therapy Practitioner. See  

As a therapist, Suzannah had an interest in Equine Facilitated Therapy which led her to train as a facilitator

She then  developed the 5-day Equine Facilitated Learning Diploma taught at  Horse Haven Uk.

The training is approved and accredited with CPD, IACE and ACCPH.
The diploma came about as a result of the experiences Suzannah had with clients at Horse Haven Uk  using EFL.
Suzannah also teaches an accredited diploma training in Hypnotherapy. This is for people who wish to become Hypnotherapy Practitioners. These courses take place throughout the year in various locations around the country.
In addition to this Suzannah also runs a private therapy practice at her office on the land at Horse Haven Uk
To find our more about Suzannahs therapy work visit:

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