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BITLESS OR NOT Listen To Your Horse

Whilst we are advocates for the use of “bitless” bridles we have been given a very strong, clear message on the subject from one of our herd. Bob who was our first gypsy cob came to us at a very young age already trained for driving. He arrived at Horse Haven fully shod and pulling […]

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Saffy is a Norwegian Fjord and came to us as a 2 year old from Gayle Jennings, having been introduced to Parelli methods. She is lead mare in our herd and leads the boys a merry dance. Saffy is full of character, larger than life and very very clever. She is very affectionate and curious […]

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First time on the Barefoot Track

We have been watching them build for ages, now let’s go investigate. Play time.. Having lived on peat for a long time we have learned a lot about the nature of the land, which really does move, should a large vehicle pass by on the road the land wobbles like a giant jelly and of […]

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