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Equine Facilitated Learning Accredited Diploma Training

At Horse Haven Uk we offer an in depth, practical, 5day EFL diploma training. Due to the practical nature of our training previous students have left with the confidence to use the skills learned.  Suzannah developed the course, as a result of seeing many positive outcomes with clients from EFL taster days.  The diploma is […]

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Equine Facilitated Learning Diploma is now CPD Accredited

The Equine Facilitated Learning Diploma at Horse Haven Uk is now CPD accredited.       It’s taken time and effort but the outcome is worth it. Our sister company Haven Hypnotherapy Academy is now a registered provider of CPD training and this includes the EFL Diploma at Horse Haven UK. The website for Haven […]

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It seems Horse Haven Uk is fast becoming a therapy centre. This makes me happy as my roots have been in therapy for over 20 years. It has been a natural progression over the past few years and finally seems to be what Horse Haven Uk is becoming. We have offered many workshops over the […]

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