Training horses to drive as willing partners to enjoy driving.  We do short bursts of training each day so the horse doesn’t get bored and always end on a positive note.

We do not break horses at Horse Haven Uk but rather we train them to become willing partners and to enjoy their driving experience, both during their training and when they leave us and return to their owners to continue the driving work.

We take great pride in our training programmes and we always like to visit horse and owner first in order to assess the horse and ensure he/she will be right for the job as not every horse has the right conformation or temperament for driving.

If we do not believe a horse has the right conformation to drive we will be very honest with the owner and tell them this.

The well-being of the horse is our primary concern along with the safety of their owners. We will not take horses that are obviously not suited to the job. If they do not have the right conformation to drive it could potentially cause harm to the horse in the future both physically and mentally.  It could also result in an accident.  Accidents in carts can be very serious to horse, driver, groom and members of the public.

We always aim to give the right advice as we see it for the good of the horse and the owner.

We will take suitable horses and train them gently to become happy willing partners that will give much pleasure to their owners for years to come and enjoy their work.

We do not break horses but train gently through patience, trust and support with the primary aim of “Setting them up for Success”.

Please ensure you get the right trainer for your horse which might mean visiting several before making your decision.

Dean Dibble (Trainer to the horses at Horse Haven Uk)

We train singles and pairs and this is what one of our clients had to say:

“My 3 mini ponies have been trained to harness by the team at Somerset Horse Haven led by Deane and Sue. Each of my ponies have very different characteristics and Deane soon understood them as individuals and adapted the training to suit them.
All have been trained to go single and the boys as a pair which they really do love as they are life long friends. I was thrilled when I drove the ponies not only were they very happy to work, they all had great manners, worked on rubber bits, responded to aids and voice commands and ,much to my delight, stood perfectly when put to and asked to stand.
It took me quite a while to find trainers who understood that my minis although small in size required the same level of understanding and training as a larger horse. I’m looking forward to driving my ponies this summer and continuing your good work.”
I wish you well for the future





Here’s a fun video to see the progress of Missie, Welsh Section A and the bond that formed between her and Dean.


To find out more or arrange for us to visit you and your horse please ring Suzannah on 07545 139009 or alternatively email


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