Twister in the new watering hole

What a wonderful Summer of 2014 we have had. So good for us as we managed to finish phase 2 of the track and complete the watering hole. What an immense job it was but all worthwhile now. The horses seem to be exercising far more, laying around in the sandy area then galloping up through the pea gravel. Take a look at the video. Twister was first in as we thought he would be but they have all been in since and they seem to love spending time in that area.

2 comments on “Twister in the new watering hole”

  1. Nic Galland Reply

    I love the watering hole! We are about to build one in spring, but we are not really sure how to. Did you use any tarpaulin in the hole to keep the water in? If you do, what sort of? I am really grateful for any sort of information.
    Thank you.


    • Suzannah Reply

      Hi Nic, thanks for your comments. We live on peat which is very difficult and our tracks had to be built up to get away from high water tables. The area around our watering hole was a bog so we built it up and it took huge amounts of hardcore. We had a digger in to dig out the actual pond and then lined it with clay. On ordinary land lining with clay should be enough but we put huge blocks in the bottom and covered with pea gravel. We have air stones embedded at the bottom of the pond which keeps the water moving and aerated so it keeps clean. If you need more info please email me and we will advise as best we can. Don’t know where you are but you are welcome to come and have a look at ours if that is possible.

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