Training horses to drive at Horse Haven Uk in Winter.

Well the dark nights are upon us, the regular workshops are over for 2017 and this is how we spend our time at Horse Haven Uk.

Well the workshops ended in October and we are missing having lots of lovely human visitors but we are very busy looking after our horsey guests and training them to drive.

We have gone from Big Ted standing at 16.2 hh.







To these lovely mischievous little fallabellas who are going to drive as a pair.

























Ha ha Dean scratching his head in wonder.  A brief moment of pondering. Not easy going from 16.2hh to mini me.

They are so much fun to work with and we are enjoying every minute.

More Shetlands to come in and a Dartmoor hot on their tails.

Life is never dull that’s for sure!

Winter Solstice just around the corner and soon the light will return.  We hope to meet many more of you on our 2018 workshops.

















































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