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Equine Facilitated Learning Workshop

It is not necessary to have had experience with horses and there is no riding involved. Do you feel you would like more confidence? How about leadership skills and the ability to communicate more clearly? Do you have the desire to unleash your full potential? The equine facilitated learning 1-day workshop will give great insight […]

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Equine Facilitated Learning Diploma February 2020

Discounted price for February only. At Horse Haven Uk we offer an in depth, practical, 5day EFL diploma training. Discounted price for February¬† only. Due to the practical nature of our training previous students have left with the confidence to use the skills learned. ¬†Suzannah developed the course, as a result of seeing many positive […]

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Healing with horses at Horse Haven Uk. It seems that horses have an innate ability to help us heal our emotional wounds. Horses do not have verbal language like us so have to rely totally on body language. As a result of this they are masters of reading physical movement, facial expressions and tone of voice, […]

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